December 20, 2016


Four Traction Automobile Co. (1908-1913)

Mankato, Minnesota

This is a Kato delivery wagon emblem (date unknown)     mjs
Size: 104mm wide  53mm high  MM: None

The Four Traction Automobile Company was established in Mankato in 1908 (see Four Traction). By the end of 1908, 25 vehicles, including cars and trucks, were under construction.

The Kato truck was powered by a four-cylinder engine and had a capacity of 1-1/2-tons. A 3-ton model was offered in 1913 but the Four Traction company was sold in early 1913, after a total production of about 30 trucks.


The emblem shown above was used on a Kato delivery wagon and is extremely rare.

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