September 12, 2017


Four Traction Automobile Co. (1907-1913)

Mankato, Minnesota

This is a Four Traction maker's nameplate (date unknown)    mjs
Size: 74mm wide 24mm high

Construction of the first four-wheel-drive automobiles in Mankato began in 1907 and in 1908 the Four Traction Automobile Company was formed. By the end of 1908, 25 vehicles were under construction, including a number of trucks. 

The first cars were referred to simply as Four Traction, but succeeding vehicles carried the names Mankato or Kato, the latter most often being used for a delivery wagon (see Kato).

Early in 1913 the Four Traction company sold out completely. Total production is estimated to have been about a dozen automobiles and up to 30 trucks.


I have not seen a Four Traction emblem and it is possible that there was no emblem. If you have information regarding a Four Traction emblem, please let me have the details in order to update this post.

The Four Traction maker's nameplate shown above is extremely rare.

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