December 20, 2016


Bradley Motor Car Co. (1920-1921)

Cicero, Illinois

This is a Bradley radiator emblem (1920-1921)     sam
Size: 72mm wide 44mm high  MM: Unknown

The Bradley was an attractive five-passenger touring car. It was introduced in the late spring of 1920 as the Bradley Four with a six-cylinder model reported as being introduced later that year as a 1921 model. However, the Bradley was soon in financial trouble and went into receivership in November 1920. I can find no confirmed reference to a Bradley Six but there is evidence of a Bradley funeral car, which may have used the six-cylinder model chassis. 

The complete assets of the Bradley Motor Car Company were auctioned off in April 1921 after a total
production of 263 cars.


Two versions of a Bradley radiator emblem are known, as shown above and below. It is possible that one emblem may have been used for the Bradley Four and the other emblem may have been intended for the six-cylinder model but I cannot confirm this.

The white and blue enamel Bradley radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

The following blue and white enamel Bradley radiator emblem is also very rare:

This is a Bradley radiator emblem (1920-1921)    khc
Size: 71mm wide 44mm high    MM: None


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