December 20, 2016


Gary Motor Truck Co. (1916-1922)

Gary Motor Corp. (1922-1927)

Gary, Indiana

This is a Gary truck radiator emblem (1916-c1921)    mjs
Size: 210mm wide 117mm high    MM: None

The Gary Motor Truck Company began production of the Gary truck in Gary, Indiana in 1916. The first Gary trucks ranged from 3/4-ton to 2-ton capacity and were powered by Continental engines. A 1-ton truck was continued until 1922, when the company was reorganized as Gary Motor Corporation and changed engine supplier to Buda. A wider range of trucks was then offered from 1-ton to 5-ton capacity. Gary truck production ended in 1927.


The Gary Motor Truck Company used a simple oval shaped Gary logo, see the following Gary advertisement:

Gary truck ad showing Gary logo (1921) ebay

The early 3/4-ton low duty Gary trucks carried a black painted brass radiator emblem in the shape of the Gary logo, see example shown above at the top of this post. This Gary radiator emblem is very rare.

Heavier duty Gary trucks had a heavy cast iron radiator with the "Gary" emblem cast into the radiator tank top, see surviving Gary truck examples shown below:

Gary Model J 2-1/2-ton truck cast radiator emblem (1921)  hatm

Gary Model G15 truck with cast emblem (1924) justoldtrucks

The Gary Model G15 1-1/2-ton truck shown above also displays a "Gary" decal on the body sides under the driver's seat and a possible "Gary" hood side decal. This truck has been restored but is expected to have originally displayed the "Gary" name, in the form of the Gary logo, on the body sides and hood sides.

The Gary truck also displayed the "Gary Truck" name on the chassis side member and on the rear cross member, as shown on the following Gary truck illustrations:

Gary truck showing chassis frame "Gary Truck" name plate (c1921)   ebay

Gary truck showing rear  "Gary Truck" nameplate (1918)  ebay

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