August 06, 2023


Detroit Industrial Vehicle Co. (1926-1927)
Divco-Detroit Corp. (1927-1934)
Continental-Divco Co. (1934-1935)
Divco-Twin Truck Co. (1936-1944)
Divco Corp. (1944-1956)
Divco Truck Div. Divco-Wayne Corp. (1957-1967)
Detroit, Michigan
Divco Truck Co., Transairco Inc. (1968-1972)
Divco Truck Co., Correct Mfg. Co. (1972-1986)
Delaware, Ohio

This is a Divco radiator emblem (1929-1931)    mjs
Size: 76mm wide 53mm high   MM: Bastian Bros

The Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company was set up to market gasoline powered milk delivery trucks based on an electric milk delivery truck built by the Detroit Electric Car Company in 1924 (see Detroit Electric). This vehicle, which featured 3-point control, at the front or either side, went into experimental service in 1926 for testing and development using 25 Divco Model A prototypes. The Divco  went into production in 1927 as the Divco Model B. A new conventional looking Divco Model G with dual driving controls appeared in 1929.

In 1930, Divco acquired the Step-N-Drive delivery vehicle business (see Step-N-Drive), including a patented drop-frame design, which allowed the truck to be driven from a standing position. The Divco Model H in 1931 was the first Divco truck to incorporate a drop-frame. Then, in 1936, Divco acquired the truck business of the Twin Coach Company of Kent, Ohio (see Twin Coach) and the company and products were known as Divco-Twin until 1944. In 1937 the Divco truck was completely redesigned with a drop-frame, a streamlined, welded all-steel body and a snub-nosed hood which was used with virtually no change thereafter. This was the Divco-Twin Model U and defined the term "milk truck" in America for more than two generations.

Divco was bought by the Wayne Corporation in 1957 and became part of the Divco-Wayne Corporation (see Wayne Works). The largest Divco was a 6-1/2-ton refrigerated wholesale delivery model that appeared in 1961. In 1972 Divco became part of the Correct Manufacturing Company which built "cherry-pickers". Divco trucks were continued on a limited, individually-built basis but by 1979 truck production ceased, although a parts and repair business continued.


The initial Divco Model A prototypes and the Divco Model B production trucks carried a small round emblem mounted on the top front of the radiator, see restored Divco Model A photo and original period photo of a Divco Model B shown below:

Divco Model A showing radiator emblem (1926-1927)  ozzie sweet

Divco Model B showing radiator emblem (c1927)  rre

This is believed to be the following, originally painted, round Divco radiator emblem. This Divco radiator emblem is rare.

This is a Divco radiator emblem (1926-1929)    mjs
Size: 50mm diameter   MM: None

The Divco Model G, which was introduced in 1929 carried an oval shaped radiator emblem, see restored surviving Divco Model G shown below:

Divco Model G Showing oval shaped radiator emblem (1929)  

This is the blue and white enamel Divco radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post and again below. This Divco radiator emblem is very rare.

This is a Divco radiator emblem (1929-1931)    mjs
Size: 76mm wide 53mm high   MM: Bastian Bros

The following unenameled version of this Divco radiator emblem is believed to have been used on the Divco Model H truck and some later models, probably to save cost. This Divco radiator emblem is rare.

This is a Divco radiator emblem (1931-c1935)    mjs
Size: 76mm wide 53mm high   MM: Unknown

In 1936 and 1937, the Divco-Twin product line included both the Divco Model S and Twin Coach house-to-house delivery trucks. It is possible that these first Divco-Twin products carried the painted, oval shaped Divco-Twin radiator emblem shown below, but I cannot confirm this. This Divco-Twin radiator emblem is rare.

This is a Divco-Twin radiator emblem (1936-1937)    mjs
Size: 160mm wide 63mm high    MM: Unknown

The Divco-Twin Model U appeared in 1938 and carried a new Divco-Twin radiator emblem, as seen in the example shown below:

Divco-Twin Model U delivery truck with radiator emblem (1938) rre

This emblem is the painted, pressed metal Divco-Twin radiator emblem shown below. This Divco-Twin radiator emblem continued in use until 1944 and is scarce.

This is a Divco-Twin radiator emblem (1938-1944)   lktec
Size: 243mm wide 65mm high    MM: Unknown

The Divco Corporation delivery trucks from 1944 were developments of the Model U and carried a new oval shaped radiator emblem, which continued in use into the 1960's, see example shown below:

Divco Model 13 showing radiator emblem (1950)  antique power

This emblem is the painted, pressed metal Divco radiator emblem shown below:

This is a Divco radiator emblem (1944-c1960s)   lktec
Size: 152mm wide 63mm high   MM: None

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