August 29, 2022


Krueger Manufacturing Co. (1905-1906)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This is an Eclipse sill plate (1905)    mjs
Size: 270mm wide     MM: None

The Krueger Manufacturing Company had experience of machine-shop work including automobile repair work when they decided to build their own car in 1905. 

The Eclipse was offered in one- and two-cylinder models, with the one-cylinder model also available as a light delivery van. The steering wheel was placed on the left-hand side of the car and was for many years believed to have been the first American car with left-hand drive. In 1906, the last year of production, only the two-cylinder model was built but this was marketed as the Kreuger rather than the Eclipse.


The Eclipse did not carry an emblem but the "Eclipse" name was displayed on the cast brass sill plates, see example shown above. This Eclipse sill plate is extremely rare.

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