August 29, 2022


A. H. Lyons & Co. (c1919-1920)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is a Lyons radiator emblem (c1920)     mjs
Size: 103mm 60mm high    MM: None

The A. H. Lyons & Company of Philadelphia is recorded as having commenced in February 1919 and is still listed but now appears dormant. Further details of the company and its activities are unknown. 

It seems likely that A. H. Lyons was the manufacturer of the Lyons motor car, although I cannot confirm this absolutely. The Lyons was a 35 hp four-cylinder five-passenger touring car with a Rolls-Royce style radiator made in the US for export. The Lyons was distributed in the United Kingdom in 1920 by London & Midlands Motors Ltd.   


The grey, white and blue enamel Lyons radiator emblem shown above is very rare. 

This Lyons radiator emblem appears in several early collections of American automotive radiator emblems and is also shown on the Eaton wall chart of American emblems produced in 1951.

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