June 04, 2022


E-M-F Co. (1910-1911)

Studebaker Corp. (1911-1912)

Detroit, Michigan

This is a Flanders 20 radiator script (1910-1912)     mjs
Size: 223mm wide 95mm high

Walter Flanders was upset because his partners in the E-M-F venture (see E-M-F) left him in mid-1909 and also because the E-M-F was being undersold and out-produced by the Model T Ford, so he decided to build a new low-priced car to compete with the Model T. 

In July 1909, Flanders talked Studebaker into buying a factory to build his new Flanders 20, which was a 20 hp four-cylinder automobile offered initially as a two-passenger runabout and as a four-passenger touring. Other body styles were added to the line in 1911 and 1912.

The Flanders 20 began life at a lower price than the Model T. But, Ford kept lowering the price of the Model T and the Flanders 20 could not meet these prices.

Even so, by 1911 the Flanders 20 and E-M-F cars together had the second best production figures in the industry after Ford. After 1912, all E-M-F and Flanders cars became Studebakers and Walter Flanders rejoined his old partners to build the Flanders Six (see Flanders Six).


The first Flanders 20 cars carried a distinctive brass "Flanders 20" radiator script, see original photo below:

This is a Flanders 20 showing a radiator script (c1910)    tom

The red painted brass Flanders 20 radiator script shown above at the top of this post is scarce.

Later in 1910, the Flanders 20 carried a painted brass radiator emblem in addition to the radiator script, see example in the original photo shown below:

This is a Flanders 20 taking part in the Glidden Tour (1911)   dpl

The following is a Flanders 20 radiator emblem. This Flanders 20 radiator emblem is rare.

This is a Flanders 20 radiator emblem (1910-1911)    mjs
Size: 50mm diameter   MM: None

The following appears to be a black and white enamel Flanders 20 radiator emblem. This radiator emblem is seen on some surviving Flanders 20 cars, but collectors should beware, as this is a reproduction radiator emblem:

This is a reproduction Flanders 20 radiator emblem   ms

By 1912, Studebaker Corporation had taken over and the Flanders 20 radiator emblem was changed to reflect the new ownership, see example shown below. This Flanders 20 radiator emblem is scarce.

This is a Studebaker Flanders 20 radiator emblem (1912)    mjs
Size: 50mm diameter    MM: None

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