June 04, 2022


Saf-T-Cab Corp. (1926-1936)
Cleveland, Ohio 

This is a Saf-T-Cab radiator emblem (1926-1936)   mjs
Size: 79mm wide 40mm high   MM:  Unknown

The Saf-T-Cab Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio was a Cleveland taxi business owned by Errett Lobban Cord. The taxicabs were initially built in the Auburn factory in Auburn, Indiana but were quite separate from the Auburn automobile. The Saf-T-Cab was powered by a special six-cylinder bus-type engine and had a heavy-duty chassis frame. 

E. L. Cord took control of Checker Motors in 1933 and Checker built a Saf-T-Cab based on the Checker Model T taxi from 1933 to 1936 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 


The Saf-T-Cab carried an oval shaped radiator emblem, see black enamel example shown above. This Saf-T-Cab radiator emblem is scarce. The following is a metal only version of the Saf-T-Cab radiator emblem, which is also scarce:

This is a Saf-T-Cab radiator emblem (1926-1936)   mjs
Size: 80mm wide 41mm high  MM: Unknown

The following is a hub emblem used on the Checker built Saf-T-Cab. This Saf-T-Cab hub emblem is rare.

This is a Saf-T-Cab hub emblem (1933-1936)    facebook
Size: Unknown

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