June 03, 2020


Ogren Motor Car Co. (1915-1916)

Chicago, Illinois

Ogren Motor Works, Inc. (1916-1917)

Waukegan, Illinois

Ogren Motor Car Co. (1920-1923)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This is a radiator emblem for an Ogren Six built in Chicago (1915-1916)    mjs
Size: 65mm high 65mm wide   MM: Unknown

Hugo W Ogren organized the Ogren Motor Car Company in late 1914. Initially, the company built one-off race cars sold under the name H.W.O. after Ogren's initials. A 34 hp six-cylinder touring car was offered in 1915 but only four prototypes were built. The company was reorganized as the Ogren Motor Works, Inc. in 1916 and production moved to a large new factory in Waukegan. A full line of 34 hp six-cylinder cars was offered in 1916 and 1917. But Ogren ran out of cash and had to sell his company.

In late 1919 Hugo Ogren re-established the Ogren Motor Car Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The new 65 hp Ogren Six that appeared in 1920 was bigger, more jazzy in appearance and more expensive than the earlier Ogren and at 70 hp was larger again in 1922. Hugo Ogren left the company in 1922 and production of the Ogren ceased, although a few remaining Ogren cars were sold in 1923. Total production of the Ogren was 306 cars.


Very few Ogren cars were built in Chicago before the change to Ogren Motor Works and the move to Waukegan in 1916, making the blue and yellow enamel Ogren radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post extremely rare.

I have not seen a radiator emblem for the Ogren built at Waukegan for the Ogren Motor Works in 1916-1917. If you have any details, please let me know, in order to update this post. If such a radiator emblem exists it would be extremely rare.

The Ogren Six radiator emblem for the cars made in Milwaukee is illustrated in the following Ogren advertisement:

Ogren ad showing rad emblem (1921)   ma

This is blue and yellow enamel radiator emblem for the Ogren Six built in Milwaukee is very rare.

This is a radiator emblem for the Ogren Six built in Milwaukee (1920-1922)    mjs
Size: 65mm high 65mm wide    MM: Unknown 

The emblem shown below is an Ogren hub emblem, which has been used and is very rare.

This is an Ogren hub emblem (date unknown)    mjs
Size: 54mm high 46mm wide    MM: None

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