June 19, 2020


De Luxe Motor Car Co.

Toledo, Ohio (1906)

Detroit, Michigan (1907-1909)

This is a Car De Luxe radiator script (c1907)     sam
Size: 523mm wide

The Car De Luxe was an expensive and powerful motor car, which used a patented real axle system. The first Model A Car De Luxe appeared in 1907 and was an impressive 50 hp four-cylinder seven-passenger touring car. The Model B Car De Luxe grew to 50/60 hp and was offered in a wider variety of body styles, including four-passenger runabout, seven-passenger limousine and landaulet.

Presumably, the very high price of the Car De Luxe limited the number of buyers and it was all over by the end of 1909 after a total production of less than 100 cars.   


The Car De Luxe did not appear to carry a radiator emblem but some models did display a large brass "Car De Luxe" script attached to the radiator core, see example above. Original Car De Luxe radiator scripts are very rare.

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