June 19, 2020


Crest Manufacturing Co. (1901-1905)

Cambridge & Dorchester, Massachusetts

This is a Crestmobile Model D nameplate/serial plate (c1903)     mjs
Size: 77mm wide 44mm high

The first Crestmobile car was introduced in 1901 and was a single-cylinder chain-driven two-seater runabout offered in engine sizes up to 5 hp. Shaft drive replaced chain drive in 1903 and in 1904 a new 8-1/2 hp single-cylinder model was introduced.

The Crest Manufacturing Company exhibited a 15 hp two-cylinder model in 1904 and 1905 but the two-cylinder model was never promoted nor put into production. The Crest Manufacturing Company was in serious financial difficulties and it was all over by early 1905, although previously produced Crestmobiles continued to be sold into 1907.


The Crestmobile did not carry an emblem but did display the Crestmobile name on a combined maker's nameplate and serial plate, which was attached to the dash board, see example above. The Crestmobile nameplate/serial plate is very rare.

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