June 19, 2020


Vulcan Motor Car Co. (1913)

Vulcan Manufacturing Co. (1913-1915)

Painesville, Ohio

This is a Vulcan radiator emblem (1913-1915)     mjs
Size: 59mm wide 50mm high    MM: Robbins

When the Vulcan was introduced in 1913 the advertising said "Like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, the Vulcan comes as a surprise". The Vulcan was a 27 hp four-cylinder light car offered as a five-passenger touring or a two-passenger roadster. It was a well made car offered at a very reasonable price. The Vulcan car was actually built in Sharon, Pennsylvania by the Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Company, who also built the Vulcan truck.

But there were financial problems from the start and the company was reorganized before the end of 1913. Senior management changes occurred in 1914 and the company was in receivership by early 1915. Production figures for the Vulcan car are not available but were certainly low.


There are two varieties of the Vulcan radiator emblem, one in blue and white enamel, as shown above, and one in white and black enamel, see example below. Both emblems are very rare.

This is a Vulcan radiator emblem (1913-1915)     sam
Size: 59mm wide 52mm high    MM: Unknown (probably Robbins)

I do not have particular dates for the use of these emblems, which may have been used on different Vulcan models.

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