June 03, 2020


Mason Motor Truck Co. (1922-1925)

Flint, Michigan

This is a Mason Road King truck radiator emblem (1922-1925)      mjs
Size: 79mm high 79mm wide    MM: Robbins

After his final departure from General Motors, William Durant set out to build a new auto empire called Durant Motors. As part of this enterprise, he introduced the Star motor car in 1922 along with a Star delivery van and depot wagon. At the same time, together with A. C. Mason, he established the Mason Motor Truck Company to enter the larger truck market.

The first Mason Road King was a 1-ton model powered by a 25.6 hp four-cylinder engine. The capacity of the Mason Road King was increased to 1-1/2-tons in 1923. The Mason Road King ceased production in 1925, when Durant Motors decided to concentrate their commercial vehicle production on the Star truck line.


The red enamel Mason radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

Mason Motor Truck Company factory illustrations also show a similar shaped emblem or decal together with a "Road King" nameplate on the sides of the truck near the driver's door, see photo of a restored Mason Road King truck shown below:

This is a Mason Road King truck (1924)    sm

This is a close up showing the side emblem decal and nameplate (1924)     sm

The Mason name and cross shaped logo also appear on the hub caps, see example shown below:

This is a Mason Road King hub cap (1922-1925)    dkc

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