September 11, 2021


Seneca Motor Car Co. (1917-1924)

Fostoria, Ohio

This is a Seneca radiator emblem (1917-1924)      mjs
Size: 54mm wide 43mm high     MM: Unknown

The Seneca Motor Car Company was established in December 1916 following the decision to stop producing the Fostoria motor car (see Fostoria). The Seneca appeared in 1917 and was a typical four-cylinder assembled car, initially powered by a 27 hp engine and offered in open touring and roadster body styles. The Seneca engine size was increased to 35 hp and 40 hp by 1922.

The Seneca was fairly successful and half of the production numbers were exported. But there was growing competition in the market and, after peaking in 1921, sales then began to fall each year. Production of the Seneca ceased in 1924 but the company made replacement parts for the Seneca for several years.


The red and white enamel Seneca radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

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