September 10, 2021


Preston Motors Corp. (1920-1923)

Birmingham, Alabama

This is a Premocar emblem (c1920-1923)     jdw
Size: 75mm high 48mm wide     MM: None

The Preston Motor Car Company was organized in 1918 for the manufacture of trucks and passenger cars called Preston (see Preston) but money quickly ran out. The company was reorganized as Preston Motors Corporation in 1919. Early production models produced in 1920 were still called Preston but the name was soon changed to Premocar.  A "Special Duesenberg" Premocar Model 4-80 won the blue ribbon at the Alabama State Fair in October 1920.

The first production Premocars arrived for the 1921 model year. The line was composed of two models, a 40 hp six-cylinder five-passenger touring called the "Magic Six" Model 6-40A and the more expensive 75 hp "Special Duesenberg" four-cylinder five-passenger touring using a Rochester Duesenberg engine, which was offered for 1921 only. Five Premocar models were offered for 1922, including touring, sedan, roadster and California Top styles, all of which were six-cylinder models.

The company also offered a 1-1/2-ton Premocar truck, which was reported in The Motor Truck magazine in February 1921 but only a very few are believed to have been produced.

Special-built Premocars were used successfully in several racing events and an ivory colored touring model with ivory kid upholstery was built especially for President Warren Harding's visit to Birmingham in October 1921. 

However, the Premocar was unsuccessful and sales fell. The company was in receivership in May 1923 and production ceased that year. Total production of the Premocar automobile was 563 cars.


The brass Premocar emblem shown above may have been used as a radiator emblem, but I cannot confirm this. This Premocar emblem is extremely rare.

A Premocar brochure from October 1920 shows a very similar logo but has a greyhound in place of the eagle at the top of the emblem, see below:

This is a Premocar brochure showing a logo (Oct 1920)    ms

This is a close up of the logo showing the greyhound (Oct 1920)

By 1921, the Premocar logo was shown as a two-color shield with the word "Premocar" in a ribbon but without the detailed decoration shown above. An example of the simpler logo was painted on the side of Premocar Magic Six No.7, which was used successfully in race and race stunt events in late 1920 and 1921, see photos below:

Premocar Magic Six No.7 racer at the Alabama State Fairgrounds (c1921)

Premocar Magic Six No7 close up showing the simpler logo

The only photo I have seen of a Premocar with an emblem is the ivory colored Premocar used during President Harding's visit to Birmingham in October 1921, see photo below:

This is the Premocar carrying President Harding and showing a radiator emblem (Oct 1921)    ms

This is a close up showing the Premocar radiator emblem

Unfortunately, the photo above is not clear enough to fully show the detail of the Premocar radiator emblem. However, the emblem appears very similar the the emblem shown at the top of this post, including the detail, except it is finished in dark and light colors, possibly by having been painted specially for use on the ivory colored Premocar for the President's visit.

JD Weeks, who has researched the Premocar extensively, has not seen any other Premocar radiator emblem. This suggests that the emblem shown at the top of this post was used as a radiator emblem.

If you have any other details of a Premocar radiator emblem, please let me know in order to update this post.

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