September 10, 2021


Cortland Cart & Carriage Co. (1916-1924)

Sidney, New York

This is a Hatfield radiator emblem (1916-c1920)     mjs
Size: 77mm wide 52mm high    MM: None

The Hatfield family and the Courtland Cart & Carriage Company had been building horsedrawn carriages and sleighs since the late 19th century and entered the automotive market as late comers in 1916.

The first Hatfield was a 23 hp four-cylinder roadster with a wider range of body styles offered from 1917. Sporting models in the 1920's featured individual step plates and wire wheels. A 55 hp six-cylinder model replaced the fours in 1924 but the company was in financial trouble and was out of business by the summer of that year. 


The striking orange and black enamel Hatfield radiator emblem shown above was the first Hatfield radiator emblem and is extremely rare.

The Hatfield radiator emblem was later changed to the multi-colored emblem shown below. This Hatfield radiator emblem is very rare.

This is a Hatfield radiator emblem (c1920-1924)    mjs
Size: 51mm diameter   MM: Unknown

The following Hatfield emblem is a hub emblem and is rare. There are two sizes of this emblem:

This is a Hatfield hub emblem (1920's)     mjs
Size: Large 64mm diameter  Small 47mm diameter

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