July 26, 2019


Zimmerman Manufacturing Co. (1908-1915)

Auburn, Indiana

This is a Zimmerman radiator script (1908)     acdm
Size: 310mm wide

The Zimmerman Manufacturing Company was a builder of horsedrawn buggies when it entered the automotive market in 1908 with a two-cylinder motorized buggy offered in two 14 hp two-passenger runabout models and a 16/18 hp four-passenger surrey.

A 35 hp four-cylinder touring model was added to the line in 1910 with 44 hp six-cylinder touring and roadster models appearing in 1913. These later Zimmerman models were built by the Auburn Automobile Company.

Zimmerman was a family business and following the death of Elias Zimmerman production of the Zimmerman car ceased in 1915.


The Zimmerman did not have a radiator emblem but, from its introduction in 1908, the Zimmerman name was displayed using a cast brass script attached to the radiator core, as shown above. Original Zimmerman radiator scripts are very rare. I am not aware of any other emblems used by Zimmerman.

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