July 26, 2019


Bour-Davis Motor Car Co. (1916-1917)

Detroit, Michigan

Shadbourne Bros. Co. (1918)

Frankfort, Indiana

Louisiana Motor Car Co. (1919-1922)

Shreveport. Louisiana

This is a Bour-Davis radiator emblem (1916-1917)    sam
Size: 98mm wide 32mm high    MM: Unknown

The Bour-Davis was an assembled car using a six-cylinder Continental engine with a distinctive appearance resulting from a radiator slanting at the same angle as the windshield and the rear of the body. The Bour-Davis was first built in Detroit but by 1918 the Shadbourne Brothers Company had taken over the Bour-Davis business and a few were built in their Frankfort plant in Indiana.

In 1919 the Bour-Davis became part of the Louisiana Motor Car Company with a factory in Cedar Grove. The Bour-Davis now had its radiator placed slightly ahead of the front axle and a higher hood but was otherwise the same car as before. Production of the Bour-Davis was underway again in 1920 with plans for expansion but the postwar recession hit the industry hard and the Bour-Davis was finished by 1922.


The red and white enamel Bour-Davis radiator emblem shown above is believed to date from 1916-1917 when the Bour-Davis was built in Detroit and is very rare.

The Bour-Davis radiator emblem shown below is an original emblem used on one of only eighteen Bour-Davis cars built by the Shadbourne Brothers in Frankfort, Indiana in 1918. This emblem is ultra rare.

This is a radiator emblem for a Bour-Davis built in Frankfort (1918)     mjs
Size: 102mm wide 37mm high   MM: Unknown

I do not know the dates of use of the unusual blue and white enamel Bour-Davis radiator emblem shown below. This Bour-Davis radiator emblem is very rare. If you have further details, please let me know, in order to update this post.

This is a Bour-Davis radiator emblem (dates unknown)    sam
Size: 90mm wide 33mm high    MM: Unknown

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