September 03, 2019


Noble Motor Truck Co. (1917-1931)

Kendallville, Indiana

This is a Noble truck radiator emblem (date unknown)     natm
Size: 172mm wide 75mm high 

The Noble was a conventional assembled truck and, at times over the life of the Noble, was offered in eight models ranging in capacity from 1-ton to 5-tons. From 1921, all Noble trucks were powered by six-cylinder Buda engines.

The Noble did not survive the Great Depression and it was all over by 1931.


The Noble radiator emblem shown above was also used as a nameplate attached to both sides of the hood, see below:

This Noble truck displays common radiator and hood side emblems     natm

The heavier duty Noble trucks had the Noble name cast into the radiator tank top and a Noble nameplate on the sides of the radiator, see example below:

This Noble emblem is embossed in the radiator tank top (1928)    natm
Size: 253mm wide

This Noble truck has an embossed radiator emblem and side plates   natm

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