June 25, 2019


Vehicle Equipment Co.

Brooklyn, New York (1901-1905)

Long Island City, New York (1905-1906)

This is a V.E.C. maker's nameplate/serial plate (c1901)     mjs
Size: 87mm wide 45mm high

The Vehicle Equipment Company, known as V.E.C., was established in December 1900 and became an important manufacturer of electric vehicles, including sightseeing buses, ambulances and trucks for special applications.

The V.E.C. facility in Brooklyn was destroyed by fire in 1905 and the company moved to Long Island City and resumed manufacturing until the company became bankrupt in 1906. The company was reorganized as the General Vehicle Company later in 1906 and electric commercial vehicle production continued in Long Island City (see G.V.).


The Vehicle Equipment Company did have a logo, see the 1903 advertisement shown below:

This is a V.E.C. advertisement showing a logo (1903)    ms

Close up showing the V.E.C. logo (1903)    ms

However, I can find no evidence that V.E.C. electric vehicles displayed an emblem but they did carry the Vehicle Equipment Company name on a small combined maker's nameplate/serial plate attached to the body of the vehicle, see example shown above at the top of this post. Original V.E.C. nameplate/serial plates are rare.

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