June 07, 2019


Anchor Motor Car Co. (1910-1911)

Cincinnati, Ohio

This is an Anchor radiator emblem (1910-1911)      mjs
Size: 64mm high 50mm wide      MM: Mayer

The Anchor Carriage Company was a builder of horse drawn carriages and decided to enter the automotive field. The Anchor Motor Car Company was established and the Anchor motor car appeared in 1910.

The Anchor was a 35 hp four-cylinder touring car powered by a T-head engine. Production numbers are unknown but are likely to have been modest at best, as it was all over for the Anchor in 1911.


The Anchor carried a black and white enamel radiator emblem, see example above. This Anchor radiator emblem is rare. 

There was also a version of the Anchor radiator emblem in gold color metal and finished in blue enamel, see example below. This Anchor radiator emblem may have been used on a special Anchor model or may have been a prototype emblem. This Anchor radiator emblem is very rare.

This is an Anchor radiator emblem (1910-1911)     jab
Size: 64mm high 50mm wide      MM: Mayer

All Anchor radiator emblems that I have seen have been unused, new old stock emblems, indicating that very few Anchor cars were actually built. An original Anchor radiator emblem that has clearly been used on a car would be extremely rare.

Beware, there are reproduction Anchor emblems finished in blue, white and red enamel but with a flat back, no maker's mark and an incorrect anchor design, see example below:

This is a reproduction Anchor radiator emblem    ms

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