November 07, 2020


Kenworthy Motors Corp. (1920-1921)

Mishawaka, Indiana

This is a Kenworthy radiator emblem (1920-1921)     sam
Size: 56mm diameter    MM: Unknown

Kenworthy Motors Corporation was established in November 1919 by Cloyd Y. Kenworthy, who had been vice-president at Roamer. The Kenworthy introduced in 1920 was a grand motor car with a body design by Karl H. Martin and was marketed using the slogan "A Car with No Superior". The Kenworthy line of five-passenger touring cars consisted of 80 hp four-cylinder and 55 hp six-cylinder models. In late 1920, Kenworthy announced a 90 hp eight-cylinder model called "America's Motor Car Classic".

Unfortunately, the Kenworthy was expensive and there were insufficient wealthy customers at the time of the post-war recession and it was all over by August 1921 after the production of only 143 cars.


The red, yellow and black enamel Kenworthy radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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