November 07, 2020


Metzger Motor Car Co. (1910-1912)
Everitt Motor Car Co. (1912)

Detroit, Michigan

This is an Everitt 30 radiator emblem (1910-1912)    mjs
Size: 94mm wide 55mm high   MM: None

Essentially, the Everitt was the E-M-F without the F (see E-M-F). After quarreling with their partner Walter Flanders, Barney Everitt and William Metzger left E-M-F in mid-1909 to build their own car to be called the Everitt. The 30 hp four-cylinder Everitt was in specification and appearance like the E-M-F Thirty. The planned output for 1910 was pre-sold before production began. A 36 hp four-cylinder model was added to the Everitt line in mid-1911 and in 1912 a 48 hp six-cylinder model appeared.

Walter Flanders rejoined his partners in late 1912. In the reorganization that followed, the Metzger Company became the Everitt Motor Car Company and was soon renamed the Flanders Motor Company to produce the Everitt Six-48 as the Flanders Six (see Flanders Six). A small number of Everitts were produced in Canada by the Tudhope Company between 1911 and 1912 (see Tudhope).


The Everitt 30 carried a blue and white enamel radiator emblem, see example shown above at the top of this post. This Everitt radiator emblem is rare.

Some Everitt 30 models also displayed a brass "Everitt 30" script attached to the radiator core, see examples shown below:

This is an Everitt 30 showing a radiator emblem & script (1910)   dpl

This is an Everitt 30 radiator script (1910-1912)     mjs
Size: 227mm wide  

The following original photo shows a different "Everitt 30" radiator script:

This is an Everitt 30 with a radiator emblem & script (c1910)  dpl

Original "Everitt 30" radiator scripts are rare.

Other Everitt Models carried a blue and white enamel "Everitt" radiator emblem, see example below. This Everitt radiator emblem is rare.

This is an Everitt radiator emblem (1911-1912)    mjs
Size: 97mm wide 58mm high    MM: Robbins

The following blue and white enamel Everitt 30 radiator emblem was used on one of the small number of Everitt 30 cars built by Tudhope in Ontario, Canada in 1911. This Everitt 30 radiator emblem is extremely rare.

This is a Tudhope Everitt 30 radiator emblem (1911)     mjs
Size: 96mm wide 58mm high    MM: Greenduck



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