April 05, 2019


Fiat Automobile Co. (1910-1918)

Poughkeepsie, New York

This is an American Fiat radiator emblem (dates of use unknown)    mjs
Size: 100mm wide 57mm high    MM: Greenduck

Fiat of Italy had imported their cars into the US for some years, but by 1910 Fiat had set up the new Fiat Automobile Company to manufacture Fiat cars in the US. The US company had the rights to build all Fiat cars and virtually all parts of the American Fiat were made in Poughkeepsie.

The first American Fiat cars were 30hp four-cylinder touring models. A 45hp six-cylinder model joined the line in 1911 by when a range of body styles were offered. The American Fiats made at Poughkeepsie were all large cars, including models specially designed for the US market. The Company continued to import smaller Italian Fiat cars.

In 1917 Fiat of Italy took over the American operation entirely. However, due to the First World War in Europe, Fiat manufacture in the US was discontinued and by February 1918 the Poughkeepsie plant was sold.


The red and blue enamel Fiat radiator emblem shown above was only used for American Fiat cars built in Poughkeepsie and is rare. I do not have the actual dates of use of this radiator emblem. If you have any further details, please let me know. 

The more usual blue enamel Fiat radiator emblem used on Fiat cars in Europe was fitted to Fiat cars imported into America and was most likely used on some Fiat models built at Poughkeepsie, see example below:

This is a Fiat radiator emblem used in Europe and America    mjs
Size: 100mm wide 57mm high  MM: Unknown (some Accagnini, Milano)

The maker's nameplate shown below is very rare and was used on American Fiat cars made in Poughkeepsie:

This is an American Fiat maker's nameplate (1910-1918)    mjs
Size: 103mm wide 32mm high   MM: None

The Fiat patent plate shown below is very rare and was attached to American Fiat cars from about 1911:

This is an American Fiat patent plate (c1911)     mjs
Size: 78mm wide 48mm high    MM: None 

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