March 29, 2019


Dixon Motor Truck Co. (1921-1929)

Altoona, Pennsylvania

This Dixon truck radiator emblem was also used as a hood side emblem (1920's)    sam
Size: 262mm wide 117mm high      MM: None

The Dixon Motor Truck Company was based in Altoona, Pennsylvania and produced a range of commercial vehicles. The first Dixon trucks used four-cylinder engines and worm drive. Six-cylinder models were introduced in 1927 and were fitted with bevel gear drive and pneumatic tires. 

By the mid-1920's, Dixon trucks were available in 1-1/2-ton, 2-ton, 2-1/2-ton, 3-1/2-ton and 5-ton capacities. Dixon also built oil tankers, dump beds, stake bodies and delivery vehicles. 

Dixon trucks were mainly sold in central Pennsylvania. Total production of the Dixon was 970 trucks before production ceased due to the effects of the market crash of 1929. Two Dixon trucks are known to have survived.


The heaviest Dixon trucks displayed the "Dixon" name cast into the top of the radiator, see examples below:

This is a Dixon truck radiator top (date unknown)     thumpr455

The following example has more closely spaced letters in the "Dixon" name cast into the top of a 1923 Dixon truck radiator:

This shows the Dixon name cast in the radiator top (1923)      dbc 

The Dixon name was also displayed on nameplates attached to both sides of the hood, see example above at the top of this post. This Dixon nameplate is extremely rare.

A surviving 1923 Dixon truck also has the name "Dixon Bros" and possibly a serial number painted on the side of the driver's cab, see below:

This shows "Dixon Bros" painted on the driver's cab door (1923)    dbc

A poor quality photo of a 1928 Dixon dump truck with a rounded hood, shows a Dixon nameplate, similar to that shown above at the top of this post, attached to the radiator tank top as an emblem. It is highly likely that the same emblem was used as a radiator emblem for the lighter range of Dixon trucks and delivery vehicles.

The following photo shows an unused Dixon serial plate from the Dixon manufacturing plant:

This is a Dixon truck serial plate (c1928)      mjs

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