March 27, 2019


Fostoria Light Car Co. (1915-1916)

Fostoria, Ohio

This is a Fostoria radiator emblem (1915-1916)     sam
Size: 80mm wide 47mm high     MM: Unknown 

The Fostoria Light Car Company was established in mid-1915. The Fostoria was a 17 hp four-cylinder assembled car offered in touring, roadster, speedster and coupe body styles.

It is reported in the Standard Catalog that the engines bought for the Fostoria were faulty and, after producing 293 cars, it was decided in September 1916 to withdraw the Fostoria from the market due to the damage to its reputation. By December 1916, the Fostoria had a new engine and a new name. It was now called the Seneca (see Seneca).


The red, white and blue enamel Fostoria radiator emblem shown above came from an emblem collection put together in the 1920's and 1930's, and is extremely rare.

There is another genuine, original Fostoria radiator emblem in blue and white enamel only, which is also extremely rare, see below:

This is a Fostoria radiator emblem (1915-1916)   tcc
Size: 79mm wide 47mm high    MM: Childs

Possibly there was a color variation in the radiator emblem for certain Fostoria car models.

But, beware, there is a Pulfer reproduction Fostoria radiator emblem with a flat back and no maker's mark and finished in red, white and blue enamel but in the wrong arrangement of colors, see below:

This is a reproduction Fostoria radiator emblem      chw

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