October 21, 2021


Henderson Motor Car Co. (1912-1914)

Indianapolis, Indiana

This is a Henderson radiator emblem (1912-1914)     mjs
Size: 90mm wide 42mm high      MM: Childs

The Henderson brothers had worked at the Cole Motor Car Company but set up the Henderson Motor Car Company to build their own car.

The Henderson was introduced in 1912 and was initially available as a 44 hp four-cylinder model in a variety of roadster and touring body styles. For 1914 there were two 27 hp four-cylinder models and a 34 hp six-cylinder model. There were financial difficulties for the Henderson due to a lack of working capital and it was all over by the end of 1914. The business was liquidated and the Henderson brothers returned to the Cole Motor Car Company.


The Henderson carried a distinctive deep red, white and blue enamelled radiator emblem, see example above. This Henderson radiator emblem is very rare.

The following red painted Henderson maker's emblem, although shown here mounted on the radiator core is believed to have been originally displayed on the dashboard. This Henderson emblem is also very rare.

This is a Henderson maker's emblem (1912-1914)   pwc
Size: Unknown


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