October 21, 2021


Preston Motor Car Co. (1918-1919)

Preston Motors Corp. (1919-1920)

Birmingham, Alabama

This is a Preston radiator emblem (1919-1920)     mjs
Size: 51mm diameter     MM: Unknown

The Preston Motor Car Company was organized early in 1918 for the manufacture of trucks and passenger cars both to be called Preston. Parts for the first Preston vehicles were made at the Sandusky Forging Company plant in Birmingham, Alabama while the Preston factory was being built. Prototypes and a small number of production models were assembled at a temporary facility in Birmingham before money ran out.

The company was reorganized in 1919 as Preston Motors Corporation. Models offered in 1920 were four-cylinder and six-cylinder 40 hp five-passenger cars, and 1-ton Model B 130 and 1-1/2-ton capacity Model B 143 trucks using worm drive. Early production models in 1920 were still called Preston but the name was soon changed to Premocar (see Premocar).

Production numbers for the Preston are not known but are believed to have been very small.


I have not seen any emblems for vehicles made by the Preston Motor Car Company in 1918-1919. If you have details of Preston emblems made at this stage, please let me know, in order to update this post. 

The red, white and blue enamel Preston radiator emblem shown above was used on the few vehicles built before the name changed to Premocar in 1920 and is extremely rare. This Preston radiator emblem was used on the Preston passenger cars and on the Preston trucks.  

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