October 21, 2021


Hamlin-Holmes Motor Co. (1919-1929)

Chicago & Harvey, Illinois

This is a Hamlin-Holmes radiator emblem (1919-1929)     mjs
Size: 55mm diameter   MM: Unknown

The Hamlin-Holmes Motor Company announced in September 1919 that it planned to produce a front-wheel drive car that was "equivalent to Dodge at less cost than Ford". But the Hamlin-Holmes spent over ten years assembling a few prototypes and never went into production.

The first Hamlin-Holmes was a four-cylinder car that looked like a Ford. In 1926 Hamlin-Holmes raced at Indianapolis with a front-wheel drive special built on a Model T Ford chassis powered by a Fronty Ford engine. The Hamlin-Holmes company made a few further prototypes using car bodies made by different motor car manufacturers. The last Hamlin-Holmes car built in 1929 was called a Hamlin.


The blue and white enamel Hamlin-Holmes radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

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