November 05, 2021


Sandow Motor Truck Co. (1914-1928)
Chicago, Illinois

This is a Sandow truck nameplate (c1918-1928)    mjs
Size: 380mm wide 88mm high

The first Sandow trucks were 1-1/2-ton, 2-ton and 3-ton capacity models. The 2-ton and 3-ton models used double chain-drive and the 1-1/2-ton model used a worm-drive rear axle. 

The range of Sandow trucks was extended through the 1920's to include 1-ton, 2-1/2-ton, 3-1/2 ton and 5-ton capacity models. The 1-ton model used pneumatic tires and larger capacity models had solid rubber tires. 

All Sandow production ceased in 1928.


Early Sandow trucks had the "Sandow" name cast into the heavy, ribbed cast iron radiator tank top.

The following photo showing trucks in the Sandow factory is seen in an advertisement for 1919-1920 Sandow trucks but it is believed that the photo is from an earlier date, possibly about 1915. 

This shows trucks in the Sandow factory (c1915)   tpw

Close-up showing cast in radiator emblem (c1915)

By about 1920, the cast in Sandow radiator emblem was made larger, presumably to be more visible, see examples shown below, which show that the "Sandow" name was also displayed on painted brass nameplates mounted on the front of the dashboard and on the main chassis frame:

Sandow Model L with cast in rad emblem & dash and chassis frame nameplates (c1920)  tpw

The cast-in Sandow radiator emblem is more clearly seen in the example shown below:

Close-up showing Sandow radiator emblem   hatm

The following are examples of original 1920's photos of Sandow trucks showing the radiator emblem and nameplates:

This is a Sandow truck showing nameplates mounted on the dash and chassis frame (c1919) shorpy

Sanford truck with rad emblem & dash nameplate (c1920) worthpoint

Close-up showing dash nameplate (c1920)  

The following Sandow truck radiator photo shows a large cast in radiator emblem but with a different lettering style:

Sandow truck radiator showing cast in emblem & nameplate (1920's) lktec

An example of a brass Sandow dashboard nameplate is shown above at the top of this post and again below. Original Sandow nameplates are rare.

This is a Sandow truck nameplate (c1918-1928)      mjs
Size: 380mm wide 88mm high

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