July 06, 2018


Aerocar Co. (1906-1908)

Detroit, Michigan

This is an Aerocar hub emblem (1906-1908)    mjs
Size: 51mm diameter  MM: None

The first Aerocars were 24 hp four-cylinder touring models with air-cooled engines. An Aerocar took part in the Chicago Economy Contest in 1906 and completed the 57-mile course in two hours and used only two gallons of gasoline, which was a great achievement at the time.

In 1907 the Aerocar was offered in sizes from 20 hp to 40 hp and in touring and runabout body styles. Water-cooled engines were also offered as an alternative to air-cooled engines. However, the company was in financial trouble following the banking crisis of 1907 and was out of business by 1908.


The Aerocar did not have an emblem at the top of the radiator but carried a brass script attached to the core of the radiator. The Aerocar radiator script shown below is very rare. 

This is an Aerocar radiator script (1906-1908)    sam
Size: 340mm wide

The emblem shown at the top of this post is also very rare. It is a hub cap emblem and is based on the Aerocar company logo, which can be seen in the Aerocar advertisement shown below:

This is an Aerocar ad showing the logo and radiator script (1906)   ms

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