July 06, 2018


Mayfair Manufacturing Co. (1925)

Boston, Massachusetts

This is a Mayfair radiator emblem (1925)     mjs
Size: 68mm wide 46mm high    MM: D L Auld

The Mayfair was introduced at the Boston Automobile Show in March 1925 and was essentially a rebuilt Model T Ford using discarded parts with the addition of new transmission, new bearings, new radiator and windows. Production commenced at a plant in Jamaica Plain but it ceased shortly after as the Mayfair Manufacturing Company soon collapsed. Only about ten Mayfair cars were actually built.


The white and blue enamel Mayfair radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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  1. If anyone knows where this emblem can be found I would be very interested in it. I've just aquired the original building where this car was manufactured.