July 23, 2018


St Louis Car Co. (1906-1909)

St Louis, Missouri

This is an American Mors nameplate (c1907)     mjs
Size: 114mm wide 64mm high

The St Louis Car Company, a well known builder of railroad wagons that had made two attempts to build a motor car, firstly in 1905 and then in 1906, secured a license to build the respected French Mors car in the US.

Production of the American Mors car began later in 1906 but, by 1909, the St Louis Car Company gave up the Mors license and decided to build a new car of their own known as the Standard Six.


The American Mors did not carry an emblem but had a distinctive combined nameplate and serial plate, which was attached to the front side of the dashboard. The American Mors nameplate shown above at the top of this post is very rare. 

The American Mors also displayed a large brass script on the radiator core, see original 1907 photo below, which also shows the nameplate on the dash board:

This is an American Mors car showing the radiator script and nameplate (1907)   ms

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