June 06, 2018


Frederick Cardway (1923-1924)

New York, New York

This is a Cardway radiator emblem (1923-1924)    sam
Size: 69mm high 65mm wide      MM: Unknown

The Cardway car was very much a private affair.

Colonel Frederick Cardway had previously worked in the automotive business and had sold Packard and Pierce-Arrow cars to overseas buyers and it is likely that his intention was to sell his right-hand drive Cardway car overseas too. It is not known who, if anyone, helped Colonel Cardway with the design of his car, which was a 40 hp six-cylinder touring car powered by a Continental flathead engine and offered in two models.

Five or six Cardway cars only were built before the venture ceased in 1924.


The Cardway radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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