May 08, 2018


Larrabee-Deyo Motor Truck Co. (1925-1927)

Binghamton, New York

This is a Majestic radiator emblem (1925-1927)     mjs
Size: 87mm wide 62mm high     MM: Fox

The Majestic was an attractive, four-cylinder Buda-engined taxicab and was the only passenger car produced by the Larrabee-Deyo Motor Truck Company (see Larrabee). Several hundred Majestic taxicabs were built for use in New York City.


The blue and white enamel Majestic radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

The crown shape of the Majestic cab radiator emblem can be seen in the original photo shown below, which also shows a "Majestic" radiator script and crown motivs on the hub caps.

This is a Majestic Cab showing the radiator emblem and a radiator script (c1925)   ms

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