April 01, 2018


Mutual Truck Co. (1919-1921)

Sullivan, Indiana

This is a Mutual Truck hood side nameplate (1919-1921)      mjs
Size: 458mm wide 75mm high

"America's Greatest Truck" had a short life. The Mutual truck was initially offered in 2-1/2-ton, 3-1/2-ton and 5-ton capacity sizes. All Mutual trucks were powered by four-cylinder engines and used worm-driven rear axles. In the last year of production, Mutual built 2-ton and 2-1/2-ton capacity trucks only before shutting down in 1921.


The Mutual Truck hood side nameplate shown above is very rare.

I do not know, if the Mutual Truck also carried a radiator emblem. If you have details of a Mutual Truck radiator emblem, please let me know in order to update this post.

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