April 26, 2018


Dispatch Motor Car Co. (1910)

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is a Dispatch hub emblem (1910)     dkc
Size: 95mm diameter

The first public announcement of the Dispatch two-cylinder roadster appeared in December 1910 and further announcements about other models were made to the press up to early 1919 when it was reported that production of the Dispatch had ceased.

Actual production numbers for the Dispatch are not known but Beverley Kimes in the Standard Catalog of American Cars reports that it appears that the Dispatch had never been in production at all and only one car had been built for the company in 1910.


It is not known if there was a Dispatch radiator emblem.

If it is correct that only one Dispatch car was actually built, then the Dispatch hub emblem shown above  and any Dispatch radiator emblem would be ultra rare.

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