November 08, 2017


Woods Motor Vehicle Co. (1917-1918)

Chicago, Illinois

This is a Woods Dual Power radiator emblem (1917-1918)       khec
Size: 63mm diameter 80mm widest overall     MM: Noble

The Woods Motor Vehicle Company was established in 1899 and built battery powered electric passenger and commercial vehicles (see Woods Electric). A few gasoline and gas-electric vehicles were made in 1905 to 1907.

Production of the Woods Electric peaked in 1912 but reduced year by year thereafter, as electric vehicles lost their early popularity, and production ceased in 1916. 

Woods decided to return to gas-electric cars to compete with gasoline cars and a new model using a four-cylinder engine called the Woods Dual Power was introduced in 1916. A larger model was announced in 1917 but it was not successful and the Woods Motor Vehicle Company was finished in 1918 after a total production of nearly 1200 Woods Dual Power cars.


The Woods Dual Power radiator emblem shown above is very rare. It is most unusual in that it displays a chariot drawn by two horses racing at a gallop out of the emblem with flames behind. The design  provides a feeling of speed and power but it is strange to see a horse drawn vehicle used to advertise a new gas-electric hybrid car.

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