December 30, 2020


De Schaum Motor Car Co. (1910-1911)

Suburban Motor Car Co. (1911-1912)

Detroit, Michigan

This is a Suburban Limited radiator emblem (1912)    sam
Size: 65mm diameter   MM: Unknown

William A de Schaum established the De Schaum Motor Car Company in Detroit in late 1910 and built a prototype Suburban. Late in 1911 the company was reorganised as the Suburban Motor Car Company with plans to build a big new factory in Ecorse, Michigan.

There were two Suburban models, a 20 hp four-cylinder Suburban and a 28 hp six-cylinder Suburban Limited, both two-seater roadsters. The new factory did not materialise and there were rumors that de Schaum was having financial problems. De Schaum left the company in November 1912 and the Suburban was finished soon after. Total production of all Suburban cars was only 25 units.


The Suburban Limited radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

The fact that the emblem is inscribed "Suburban Limited" suggests that there would have been a different emblem for the Suburban four-cylinder roadster. I have not seen this emblem but, if you have any further information or a photo of a "Suburban" emblem, please send details to update this post. 

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