January 10, 2021


Wachusett Motors, Inc. (1922-1930)

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

This is a Wachusett radiator emblem (c1922-1930)    mjs
Size: 315mm wide 102mm high   MM:

Fred Suthergreen left the New England Truck Company in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, established Wachusett Motors Incorporated, and set up a factory in the same town to build his own truck. The Wachusett was a conventional assembled truck and was offered in 1-ton, 1-1/2-ton, 2-ton and 2-1/2-ton sizes. The 1-ton Model S truck was powered by a 27.3 hp fur-cylinder engine.

The Wachusett was produced in limited numbers and was finished at the time of the Great Depression in 1930.


The first Wachusett Model K 2-ton trucks displayed the "Wachusett" name embossed in the radiator tank top, see surviving example shown below. This embossed Wachusett radiator emblem was probably also used on the 2-1/2-ton Model L truck but I cannot confirm this.

This is a Wachusett Model K 2-ton truck (1922)   brc  

Close-up showing embossed radiator emblem

The painted, cast metal Wachusett radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post was used on the smaller Wachusett  Model S 1-ton and possibly on the Model J 1-1/2-ton trucks. This Wachusett radiator emblem is very rare.

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