December 30, 2020


Geronimo Motor Co. (1917-1920)

Enid, Oklahoma

This is a Geronimo radiator emblem (1917-1920)      sam
Size: 65mm wide 35mm high    MM: None

The Geronimo was named after the famous Apachi Indian chief. The first Geronimo car appeared in 1917 and was a 37 hp four-cylinder touring model but this was followed in 1918 by a 45 hp six-cylinder touring car and a roadster. The Geronimo car was a good looking, colorfully painted open car, which could be had with wire wheels.

Geronimo also built a 1-ton truck and a four-wheel-drive tractor. However, the US entry into World War I resulted in serious difficulties for the company, with production limits set by the government and material shortages. But it was a fire in August 1920 that stopped the Geronimo assembly line. Total Geronimo production was 143 units.


The Geronimo radiator emblem shown above is very rare and shows Geronimo looking ahead with his hand shielding his eyes from the sun. The emblem is a polished brass casting.

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