December 30, 2020


Monarch Motor Car Co. (1913-1916)

Detroit, Michigan

This is a Monarch radiator emblem (1913-1915)     mjs
Size: 57mm wide 50mm high     MM: Unknown

In early 1913 Joseph Bloom set up the Monarch Motor Car Company and took over the vacant Carharrt factory in Detroit. Bloom's brother-in-law Robert C Hupp, who had developed the Hupmobile (see Hupmobile) and then the R-C-H  and the Hupp-Yeats (see Hupp-Yeats), designed the Monarch car, which was a small 16 hp four-cylinder motor car in touring and runabout body styles.

The Monarch went into production in late 1913 and about 150 cars had been built by May of 1914. A smaller four-cylinder model joined the line in 1914 and a larger and more expensive 29 hp V-8 went into production briefly for the 1916 season. But, the necessary additional finance could not be found and the company was bankrupt by the spring of 1916. This was the end of the Monarch.


The Monarch radiator emblem shown above was used from 1913 and is very rare. 

A new radiator emblem was designed for the short-lived Monarch V8. This emblem has the lion facing right and is extremely rare, see example below:

This is a Monarch Eight radiator emblem (1916)    sam
Size: 60mm wide 56mm high    MM: Unknown

There is another version of the Monarch Eight radiator emblem in different colors and with the lion facing left, which is also extremely rare, see below:

This is a Monarch Eight radiator emblem (1916)    alt
Size: Unknown   MM: Unknown

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