October 28, 2017


Alpena Motor Car Co. (1911-1914)

Alpena, Michigan

This is an Alpena Flyer radiator emblem (1911)      mjs
Size: 63mm diameter    MM: Greenduck

Early in 1910, the town of Alpena in Michigan gave land and cash to Thomas F. Ahern to set up an automobile manufacturing business in the town.

The first Alpena appeared in 1911 and was a 30 hp four-cylinder five-passenger touring car. The Alpena was called Alpena Flyer in 1911 only, thereafter the car was just called the Alpena. In 1912 a line of 40 hp four-cylinder models was available and in 1913 50 hp six-cylinder models were introduced. But, the company was out of business by 1914.


The Alpena Flyer radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post is extremely rare, as it was used in 1911 only.

The Alpena 30 radiator emblem shown below is also extremely rare as it was used for 1912 only:

This is an Alpena 30 radiator emblem (1912)     khec
Size: 63mm diameter      MM: Unknown

The following emblem is seen in several early collections of American emblems. It is an Alpena 30 hub emblem and is very rare.

This is an Alpena 30 hub emblem (1912)     mjs
Size: 65mm diameter   MM: None

I do not know if there were other Alpena radiator emblems for the 40 hp, 44 hp or 50 hp Alpena models produced in 1912 -1914. If you have any information about these emblems, please send details in order to update this post.

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