October 26, 2017


American Ice Manufacturing Co. (1912-1914)

New York, New York

This is an A.I.C. radiator emblem (1912-1914)       mjs
Size: 63mm diameter       MM: Unknown

The American Ice Manufacturing Company built their own trucks because of the unavailability of specialized vehicles to suit their needs. The AIC was a sturdy 5-ton capacity truck using solid tires on the rear wheels.

The AIC was a very low production vehicle.


The AIC radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare. It is also a most interesting automotive emblem. It has an opaque yellow enamel panel at the top left, a transparent purple enamel panel at the top right over a zig-zag background and a transparent red enamel panel at the bottom over a sun ray background.

It is strange to imagine a heavy truck carrying such an attractive enamel emblem on the radiator, although this was not so unusual in the USA at the time.

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