October 24, 2017


Havers Motor Car Co. (1911-1914)

Port Huron, Michigan

This is a Havers radiator emblem (1911-1912)     mjs
Size: 70mm high 51mm wide     MM: Unknown

The first Havers appeared in 1911 and was a 44 hp six-cylinder automobile available in touring and roadster body styles.

Two hundred cars were built in 1912 and all appeared to be going well. A 55 hp model was added in 1913 and this became a 60 hp model by 1914. Unfortunately there were financial difficulties and, when the Havers factory was destroyed by fire in July 1914, the company did not have the finances to recover and was finished by November of that year.


The deep red and white enamel Havers radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post follows the design of the Havers company logo used on advertisements, see example below. This emblem was used in 1911 and 1912 and is very rare.

This is a Havers advertisement from 1912 showing the company logo    ms

The following red, white and green enamel Havers radiator emblem for the Six-44 model has a completely changed design and is believed to have been used in late 1912 to early 1913, although I cannot confirm these dates. This Havers radiator emblem is extremely rare.

This is a Havers Six-44 radiator emblem (c1912-1913)    mjs
Size: 36mm high 30mm wide     MM: Unknown

If you can confirm the actual dates of use of the emblem shown above, please let me know, so that this post can be updated.

The Havers company logo was changed in December 1912 and was shown in advertisements in 1913, see example shown below for the Havers Six-44 and the Havers Six-55 models. This logo design continued to be shown on Havers advertisements in 1914.

This is a Havers advertisement for 1913 showing the revised logo    ms

This Havers logo was used for the following red, white, blue and pale blue enamel Havers Six radiator emblem shown below. This Havers Six radiator emblem is extremely rare.

This is a Havers Six radiator emblem (1913)    jab
Size: 44mm high 38mm wide     MM: Unknown

The red, white and blue enamel Havers Six-44 radiator emblem shown below follows the company logo design but with "44" replacing the Havers Motor Car Company monogram. This Havers radiator emblem is also extremely rare.

This is a Havers Six-44 radiator emblem (1913-1914)    ms
Size: 42mm high 38mm wide    MM: Unknown

The Havers Six-44 radiator emblem shown above was seen on a late 1913 model but it is believed that this design continued in use in 1914. Certainly the same logo was used by Havers in Havers Six-60 advertisements for 1914.

I have not seen Havers Six-55 or Havers Six-60 radiator emblems but I assume they were the same design as the Havers Six-44 emblem but with "55" or "60" instead of "44" at the bottom of the emblem. If you have details or photos of either of these emblems, please send me a copy to update this post.

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