February 02, 2017


Connecticut Cab Co. (1910-1911)

Bristol, Connecticut

This is believed to be a Rockwell emblem (1910-1911)   alt
Size: Unknown

The Rockwell was named after Albert F Rockwell, who set up the Connecticut Cab Company in early 1910.

The Rockwell taxicab was built by the New Departure Manufacturing Company and was an attractive landaulet styled vehicle powered by a water cooled 18/20 hp four-cylinder engine. The Rockwell was considered to be one of the finest taxicabs in America bur did not last very long. Two hundred Rockwell taxicabs were in service in New York City by late 1910 but the Rockwell was finished in 1911.


The emblem photo shown above is from the Al Thurn emblem collection from the 1960's and is labeled as a Rockwell. If this is indeed a Rockwell emblem, it is extremely rare. However, this is not yet confirmed, so any additional evidence would be most welcome.

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