February 04, 2017


Winfield Barnes Company (1920)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is an Adelphia radiator emblem (1920)    mjs
Size: 63mm wide 48mm high    MM: Whitehead & Hoag

The Adelphia was a car made for export by the Winfield Barnes Company of Philadelphia. The car was announced in the summer of 1920 but, in October 1920, a notice appeared announcing the end of the Adelphia due to lack of money as working capital. The Adelphia was a 39 hp four-cylinder touring car with a Rolls-Royce style radiator. Very few Adelphia cars were produced.


The Adelphia radiator emblem shown above was made by Whitehead & Hoag and is extremely rare. There are reproductions of this emblem and one sold recently on eBay for a very high price, so beware.

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