January 31, 2017


Kissel Motor Car Co. (1928-1929)

Hartford, Wisconsin

This is a National-Kissel radiator emblem (c1928-1929)    mjs
Size: 60mm diameter  MM: Unknown

When production of its motor cars started to fall dramatically after 1926, the Kissel Motor Car Company (see Kissel) made the production of ambulances and hearses a major part of their business. For a two year period, Kissel professional cars were called National-Kissel and were sold through the National Casket Company. The National-Kissel used a stretched Model 75 Kissel stock car chassis with a 61 hp 6-55 Kissel engine.


National-Kissel vehicles carried a circular metal radiator emblem mounted in the center of the radiator tank top. This National-Kissel radiator emblem is rare, see example above.

There were also some special, custom-built National-Kissel professional cars. These carried a larger circular radiator emblem, which is also rare, see example below:

This is a Custom-built National-Kissel radiator emblem (c1928-1929)   mjs
Size: 76mm diameter  MM: D L Auld

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