January 06, 2017


Safety Motor Co. (1917-1918)

Grenloch, New Jersey

Camden Motors Corp. (1919-1922)

Collingswood, New Jersey

This is a Frontmobile maker's nameplate (1919)   mjs
Size: 78mm wide 40mm high

C H Blomstrom was the designer of the Frontmobile, which had front wheel drive and so many novel features with patents pending that the car was very complicated. The car was built by the Safety Motor Company in Grenloch, New Jersey starting in 1917 but the company closed in 1918 after making only about five cars, one of which is extant.

Blomstrom took his Frontmobile to Camden, New Jersey in 1919 and set up Camden Motors Corporation. He found a factory in West Collingswood to build his car but the venture was finished in 1922. There is no record of any further production of the Frontmobile.


The Frontmobile did not carry an emblem on the radiator. The Frontmobile nameplate shown above appears to be original and is rare. It was intended for a car planned for construction in West Collingswood. There are reproduction Frontmobile nameplates, so be careful.

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